Commit 3ab6d596 authored by Tobias Leibner's avatar Tobias Leibner
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update dune-common, xt, gdt

parent 4f8a657e
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Subproject commit c5321673af09725a411bdd81aa2be5cfaf8bf9a6 Subproject commit 70ae6b7ecdd88c53af8e7ed8019a8c39e0c923d4
Subproject commit d29e28889975870b69e7501c0c02fe283ef6a287 Subproject commit 57411068d70225de3a1af591c41e73d882a68386
Subproject commit d07cd2e1ded655be6a226ddd2044662c9e1c6fff Subproject commit d6a1ba13d2b634077616346147105748a01d7e51
...@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ build='[ -e $BASEDIR/dune-grid-glue ] && sed -i 's|#warning add list of neighbor ...@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ build='[ -e $BASEDIR/dune-grid-glue ] && sed -i 's|#warning add list of neighbor
src= src=
build='test -d build || mkdir build' build='test -d build || mkdir build'
'rm -rf build/*' 'rm -rf build/*'
'cd build && make -j8' 'cd build && make -j8'
'cd build && make install' 'cd build && make install'
'mkdir -p ${INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib' 'mkdir -p ${INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib'
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