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add a script to build wheels

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#!/usr/bin/env bash
THISDIR="$(cd "$(dirname ${BASH_SOURCE[0]})" && pwd -P )"
set -e
# default command is "build-wheels.sh"
# this deletes testtols and uggrid source dirs
docker run -e DUNE_SRC_DIR=/home/dxt/src -v ${THISDIR}:/home/dxt/src \
-it dunecommunity/manylinux-2014:ddb4b80
-it dunecommunity/manylinux-2014:${ML_TAG}
docker run -v ${THISDIR}/docker/wheelhouse/final:/wheelhouse:ro -it pymor/testing_py3.8:latest \
bash -c "pip install /wheelhouse/dune* && python -c 'from dune.xt import *; from dune.gdt import *'"
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