Commit bd5f4966 authored by Tobias Leibner's avatar Tobias Leibner
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remove dune-pybindxi

parent 3ab6d596
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......@@ -55,9 +55,6 @@
[submodule "dune-functions"]
path = dune-functions
url =
[submodule "dune-pybindxi"]
path = dune-pybindxi
url =
[submodule "dune-grid-glue"]
path = dune-grid-glue
url =
Subproject commit 6965863a1258e618aed5fc7c079071dcd8b4ac63
Subproject commit 49da6eb5fcaf0399d0e611961721c351740b78ea
Subproject commit b80d0b37ce6c04928781bdf9fbe95b353fd4c22b
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