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# A-Frame Boilerplate
Boilerplate for creating WebVR scenes with [A-Frame](
## Run the server
Alternatively, check out the [A-Frame Starter on]( for a more interactive way on getting
run npm i
## Getting Started
then npm start to start the server
There are two easy options for obtaining this A-Frame scene. It's then up to you to make it your own!
open browser windows on localhost:8080/
### <sup>Option 1:</sup> Download the ZIP kit 📦
## Create a new room:
[<img src="" width="200">](
After you have __[downloaded and extracted this `.zip` file]( containing the contents of this repo, open the resulting directory, and you'll be have your scene ready in these few steps:
npm install && npm start
open http://localhost:3000/
### <small><sup>Option 2:</sup> Fork this Git repo 🍴🐙
Alternatively, you can __[fork this repo]( to get started, if you'd like to maintain a Git workflow.
After you have __[forked this repo](, clone a copy of your fork locally and you'll be have your scene ready in these few steps:
git clone
cd aframe-boilerplate && rm -rf .git && npm install && npm start
open http://localhost:3000/
> :iphone: **Mobile pro tip:** Upon starting the development server, the URL will be logged to the console. Load that URL from a browser on your mobile device. (If your mobile phone and computer are not on the same LAN, consider using [ngrok]( for local development and testing. [Browsersync]( is also worth a gander.)
### <small><sup>Option 3:</sup> Fork this CodePen example 🍴💾✒️
Or, you can simply __[fork this CodePen example]( to dive right in. Enjoy!
## Publishing your scene
If you don't already know, GitHub offers free and awesome publishing of static sites through __[GitHub Pages](
To publish your scene to your personal GitHub Pages:
npm run deploy
And, it'll now be live at __http://`your_username` :)
To know which GitHub repo to deploy to, the `deploy` script first looks at the optional [`repository` key]( in the [`package.json` file](package.json) (see [npm docs]( for sample usage). If the `repository` key is missing, the script falls back to using the local git repo's remote origin URL (you can run the local command `git remote -v` to see all your remotes; also, you may refer to the [GitHub docs]( for more information).
## Still need Help?
### Installation
First make sure you have Node installed.
On Mac OS X, it's recommended to use [Homebrew]( to install Node + [npm](
brew install node
To install the Node dependencies:
npm install
### Local Development
To serve the site from a simple Node development server:
npm start
Then launch the site from your favourite browser:
If you wish to serve the site from a different port:
PORT=8000 npm start
## License
This program is free software and is distributed under an [MIT License](LICENSE).
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