[scripts] minor update to Q1 grid test

parent 99aeb524
import yaml
yaml.warnings({'YAMLLoadWarning': False})
import os
import warnings
import numpy as np
np.warnings.filterwarnings('ignore', message="numpy.ufunc size changed")
np.warnings.filterwarnings('ignore', message="Using or importing the ABCs from 'collections'")
np.warnings.filterwarnings('ignore', message="The 'warn' method is deprecated, use 'warning' instead")
import os
from simdb.run import new_dataset, append_values
from pymor.core.logger import set_log_levels, getLogger
......@@ -194,6 +196,7 @@ def run_fixed_h_refined_H_with_fine_PoU_in_basis(
macro_grid = list(initial_macro_grid)
config['initial_macro_grid'] = initial_macro_grid
config['global_grid_refines'] = global_grid_refines
config['num_H_refs_less'] = num_H_refs_less
new_dataset(DATASET_ID, **config)
results = {'num_subdomains': [], 'num_DoFs': [], 'error': [], 'estimate': []}
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