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<h1 id="executability">Executability Badge</h1>
<div class="col-md-6">
<img src="images/Executable_Green.svg" style="width: 60%"/></br>
<img src="images/shields_io/executable-yes-brightgreen.svg" />
<img src="images/shields_io/executable-no.svg" />
<img src="images/shields_io/executable-running.svg" />
<img src="images/shields_io/executable-running.svg" />
<img src="images/shields_io/executable-noInfo.svg" />
<div class="col-md-6">
<h3>Full size badge</h3>
<p>The full size badges display the information for executability with visual information. For the positive badge, a green background is used
and a tick is shown. For no executability the badge is red and displays a cross. Still running compendia show an hourglass on yellow background.
If no information is available, the badge is grey and shows a questionmark.
<h3>Shields IO badges Executability</h3>
<p>For the executable status, there are also no full-sized badge and the information is included in Shields.IO badges.
After the request from a client with an doi was done, the corresponding o2r id is matched to it.
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