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adds spatial badge information

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For a "fail" the red badge is sent if no information are available, the grey badge is sent.
<h1 id="executability">Spatial information Badge</h1>
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<img src="images/shields_io/spatial-information.svg"/></br>
<img width="80%" src="images/maps.jpg" />
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<h3>Shields IO badges Spatial Information</h3>
<p>The spatial information badge gives information about the research location, that means where a research was done or a paper was published.
For receiving the spatial information reverse geocoding with the <a href=""></a> api is used. The base for running this
is a JSON file that contains four coordinate pairs representing a bounding box which contains the research location. As the api only accepts coordinate
pairs, the mean center from the bounding box is calculated. These coordinates are send to the api which responds with the country name and if available also
a district/region, which are the information that are shown in the badge.
<h3>Map Visualization</h3>
<p>When clicking on/hovering over/... ??? over the spatial information badge more information about the location is provided by linking to a map
which shows where the research took place. For this <a href="">Google</a>, the most popular online map service is used. It visualizes
the search result of the place that is printed in the badge.
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