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Peer Review Addition

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<h1 id="peer review">Peer Review Badge</h1>
<div class="col-md-6">
<img src="images/shields_io/Peer review-Yes-brightgreen.svg" />
<img src="images/shields_io/Peer review-No-red.svg" />
<img src="images/shields_io/Peer review-Unknown-lightgrey.svg" />
<img src="images/shields_io/Peer review-Blind-brightgreen.svg" />
<div class="col-md-6">
<h3>Shields IO badges</h3>
<p>For peer review status, there are no full-sized badge and the information is included in Shields.IO badges. Moreover, there are no set number of return badges since the DOI is passed to the DOAJ API and can receive numerous results regarding the peer-reviewed status of a research. Nonetheless, 4 possible examples are shown here. The API DOAJ contains peer-reviewed only, therefore if a research title matches it will return the "Peer Review - YES" green badge. Likewise, if the research is not found it will return the "Peer Review - NO" red badge. Unknown shall be returned for researches hosted on DOAJ that do not have peer review information associated with them. Lastly, the "Peer Review - Blind" badge, is returned for researches in which the names of reviewers are hidden from the author. Either single Blind review or double blind review is considered, as explained <a href="">here.</a>
</div><!-- /.container -->
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