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......@@ -273,11 +273,14 @@ We turn this phenomenon into a definition, which has several equivalent descript
There is a interesting procedure to construct such elliptic genera, which also explains the name: There is an intimate connection with elliptic functions from complex analysis.
This is what \citeauthor{hirzebruch_modularforms} explain in \cite[Chap.~2]{hirzebruch_modularforms}.
The gist is, that lattices of $\mathbb{C}$ give rise to elliptic genera via their Weierstraß $\wp$ function.
This involves quite a lot of computations, which we will omit here -- a very brief summary is adequate nonetheless.\todo{do it!}
% section ellipctic_genera_markus (end)
\section{Modular Forms -- Jens} % (fold)
This seems to be mostly algebra and I'm unsure, whether it is actually relevant for my talk?
% section modular_form_jens (end)
\section{Formal Group Laws -- Leon} % (fold)
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