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......@@ -113,13 +113,13 @@ Once again this translates into the term of weight $4r$ being a homogeneous poly
Q(x_1) \cdots Q(x_n) = 1+ K_1(p_1) + K_2(p_1,p_2) + \ldots + K_n(p_1,\ldots ,p_n) + K_{n+1}(p_1,\ldots ,p_n,0) + \ldots
The sequence of polynomial $(K_r)_r$ is called the \Index{multiplicative sequence} associated to $Q$.
The sequence of polynomials $(K_r)_r$ is called the \Index{multiplicative sequence} associated to $Q$.
This can be used to define a genus:
The genus $\varphi_Q$ is defined for every compact, oriented, smooth manifold $M$ of dimension $4n$ by
\varphi_Q(M) \coloneqq K_n(p_1, \ldots ,p_n)[M] \in \mathbb{R}
\varphi_Q(M) \coloneqq K_n(p_1, \ldots ,p_n)[M] \in R
with $p_i = p_i(M) \in H^{4i}(M;\mathbb{Z})$.
We put $\varphi_Q(M) \coloneqq 0$ if $4 \nmid n$.
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