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......@@ -7,6 +7,9 @@ The purpose of this chapter is to give a general introduction to characteristic
Some of the background needed for this chapter is given in \cref{sec:fibre_bundles_and_universal_bundles,sec:existence_of_universal_bundles}.
\todo[inline]{weave in some of the theory in \textcite[II.§11, Appendix B]{lawson_spin} (including multiplicative sequences)}
\todo[inline]{mention a few of the highlights of \textcite{milnor_stasheff}}
\section{The General Concept} % (fold)
Let $G$ be a topological group (Lie groups will be of particular interest).
......@@ -865,3 +865,11 @@
version={13th of February},
howpublished={book draft \enquote{getting close-ish to a complete}}
author = {Milnor, John W. and Stasheff, James D.},
title = {Characteristic classes},
note = {Annals of Mathematics Studies, No. 76},
publisher = {Princeton University Press, Princeton, N. J.; University of Tokyo Press, Tokyo},
year = {1974},
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