Commit c410f532 authored by Marcel Wunderlich's avatar Marcel Wunderlich

Konfigurierebare Sicherheitsabfrage

parent 5173d954
......@@ -20,3 +20,13 @@ Installation instructions
1. configure hosts in hosts.ini
2. maybe another step to setup HAProxy and Redis Configs
3. ansible-playbooks -i hosts.ini install.yml
Safety note
Some operations might stop redis services, in those roles (currently only the
redis role) we add the variables `safe_install` and `sure`; if `safe_install`
is true, operations either have to be limited to a single host, e.g. via
`--limit hostname` or you have to set `-e sure=REALLYSURE`.
- name: Is only one host being reconfigured?
fail: msg="Only configure ONE host at a time via --limit hostname"
- safe_install == true
- play_hosts | length != 1
- sure != 'REALLYSURE'
- name: Shut down redis before configuration
name: redis
# vars file for roles/redis
redis_timeout: 0
# if safe_install is configured, we require
# sure == REALLYSURE for all operations that might lead to a shutdown of all
# redis servers at the same time
safe_install: true
sure: "no"
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