Commit 0657a8cc authored by j_stru18's avatar j_stru18

append layer to output of getLayersInfo, even if no source property exists

parent e1b64397
......@@ -91,10 +91,11 @@ class LayerHelper:
for incl in params["include"]:
if unicode("phase") in incl:
layername += " (" + incl["phase"] + ")"
same = False
if unicode("data_param") in params and unicode("source") in params["data_param"]:
layerpath = params["data_param"]["source"]
same = (os.path.realpath(dbpath) == os.path.realpath(layerpath))
mylayer.append([nid, layername, same])
mylayer.append([nid, layername, same])
return mylayer
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