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Updated outdated documentation of check_symplecticity.

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......@@ -118,14 +118,22 @@ class SymplecticBasis(BasicObject):
self.F.append(other.F, remove_from_other)
def check_symplecticity(self, offset=0, check_tol=1e-3):
"""Check symplecticity w.r.t. a given transposed symplectic inverse.
"""Check symplecticity of the |SymplecticBasis|.
Used in iterative methods. Needs to be even.
Can be used to offset the check of symplecicity to the basis vectors with index bigger
than the offset. This is useful in iterative methods to avoid checking multiple times.
The offset needs to be even. The default value is 0, i.e. all basis vectors are checked
by default.
tolerance for which method returns true.
tolerance for which an error is raised.
Is raised when the symplecicity for some pair (e_i, f_i) exceeds check_tol.
assert offset % 2 == 0
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