Commit 1210d44c authored by René Fritze's avatar René Fritze Committed by René Fritze

[test] fix bounding box check for large inputs

parent b27b9ec8
# This file is part of the pyMOR project (
# Copyright 2013-2020 pyMOR developers and contributors. All rights reserved.
# License: BSD 2-Clause License (
import operator
import numpy as np
import pytest
from hypothesis import given, settings, reproduce_failure
from pymor.discretizers.builtin.grids.interfaces import ReferenceElement
from import float_cmp, compare_with_tolerance
from pymortests.base import runmodule
from pymortests.fixtures.grid import hy_grid, hy_grid_with_orthogonal_centers
......@@ -333,8 +334,10 @@ def test_bounding_box(grid):
bbox = g.bounding_box()
assert bbox.shape == (2, g.dim)
assert np.all(bbox[0] <= bbox[1])
assert np.all(g.centers(g.dim) >= bbox[0])
assert np.all(g.centers(g.dim) <= bbox[1])
# compare with tolerance is necessary with very large domain boundaries values
# where the relative error in the centers computation introduces enough error to fail the test otherwise
assert np.all(compare_with_tolerance(bbox[0], g.centers(g.dim), operator.le, rtol=1e-15, atol=0))
assert np.all(compare_with_tolerance(g.centers(g.dim), bbox[1], operator.le, rtol=1e-15, atol=0))
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