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Add vectorarray cow test (#1419)

This adds a test for copy on write of VectorArrays and increases the `max_examples` count to 20 in `dev` and `debug` sessions.

I stumbled upon broken COW functionality when binding a vector from an external PDE solver, and this was not catched by our tests.
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......@@ -266,6 +266,29 @@ def test_copy(vectors_and_indices):
def test_COW(vectors_and_indices):
v, ind = vectors_and_indices
for deep in (True, False):
if ind is None:
c = v.copy(deep)
assert len(c) == len(v)
c = v[ind].copy(deep)
assert len(c) == v.len_ind(ind)
assert c.space == v.space
if len(c) > 0 and not np.all(c.norm() == 0):
c *= 2
if ind is None:
assert not np.all(almost_equal(c, v))
assert not np.all(almost_equal(c, v[ind]))
assert np.allclose(c.to_numpy(), 2*indexed(v.to_numpy(), ind))
except NotImplementedError:
def test_copy_repeated_index(vector_array):
v = vector_array
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