[docs] python 3.9 stuff for release notes

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......@@ -67,6 +67,9 @@ Additionally, the Jupyter notebooks from the `notebooks/` directory were
converted to demos `[#1160] <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1160>`_,
`[#1198] <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1198>`_.
Support for Python 3.9
- `[#1128] Enable publishing wheels for and running CI on Python 3.9 <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1128>`_
Backward incompatible changes
......@@ -129,6 +132,14 @@ renamed to `ComponentProjectionOperator`, `ConcatenationOperator` and
`[#1046] <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1046>`_.
Minimal pip and Manylinux wheel version
In order to reduce special casing and infrastructure investment needed for older pip versions we decided to
bump the minimal version to 19.0 (released Jan '19) and decided to no longer publish manylinux1 wheels.
Pip 19.0 already understands the Manylinux 2010 tag, which going further is the oldest platform we will ship wheels
Further notable improvements
- `[#960] Avoid nested parameter functionals and functions for sums and products <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/960>`_
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