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only take care of other==0

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......@@ -540,17 +540,10 @@ class Operator(ParametricObject):
return LincombOperator(operators, coefficients, solver_options=self.solver_options)
def _radd_sub(self, other, sign):
if other == 0:
return self
if not isinstance(other, Operator):
return NotImplemented
from pymor.operators.constructions import LincombOperator
# note that 'other' can never be a LincombOperator
if != 'LincombOperator' or not isinstance(self, LincombOperator)):
operators, coefficients = (other, self), (1., sign)
operators = (other,) + self.operators
coefficients = (1.,) + (self.coefficients if sign == 1. else tuple(-c for c in self.coefficients))
return LincombOperator(operators, coefficients, solver_options=other.solver_options)
def __add__(self, other):
return self._add_sub(other, 1.)
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