Commit 22d1dc6f authored by Patrick Buchfink's avatar Patrick Buchfink Committed by Stephan Rave
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Fixed flake8 warnings

parent df3c2a20
......@@ -3,14 +3,11 @@
# License: BSD 2-Clause License (
import numpy as np
from pymor.algorithms.simplify import contract, expand
from pymor.algorithms.timestepping import ImplicitMidpointTimeStepper
from pymor.algorithms.to_matrix import to_matrix
from pymor.models.basic import InstationaryModel
from pymor.operators.block import BlockOperator
from pymor.operators.constructions import ConcatenationOperator, NumpyConversionOperator, VectorOperator
from pymor.operators.interface import Operator
from pymor.operators.numpy import NumpyMatrixOperator, NumpyVectorSpace
from pymor.operators.numpy import NumpyVectorSpace
from pymor.operators.symplectic import CanonicalSymplecticFormOperator
from pymor.parameters.base import Mu
from pymor.vectorarrays.block import BlockVectorSpace
......@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@ from pymor.core.pickle import dumps, loads
from pymor.models.symplectic import QuadraticHamiltonianModel
from pymor.operators.block import BlockDiagonalOperator
from pymor.operators.constructions import IdentityOperator
from pymor.vectorarrays.block import BlockVectorArray
from pymor.vectorarrays.numpy import NumpyVectorSpace
from pymortests.base import runmodule
from pymortests.pickling import assert_picklable, assert_picklable_without_dumps_function
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