Commit 25af9539 authored by Tim Keil's avatar Tim Keil

[docs/tutorials] add some assertions to ensure that this tutorial is not corrupted

parent 3724fef8
......@@ -287,7 +287,7 @@ helpful functions for recording and reporting the results.
if (result.status != 0):
print('\n failed!')
print('\n succeded!')
print('\n succeeded!')
print(' mu_min: {}'.format(fom.parameters.parse(result.x)))
print(' J(mu_min): {}'.format([0]))
if reference_mu is not None:
......@@ -824,6 +824,7 @@ approximation error of ``3.48e-07`` while getting the highest speed up
amongst all methods that we have seen above. To conclude, we once again
compare all methods that we have discussed in this notebook.
.. jupyter-execute::
print('FOM with finite differences')
......@@ -844,6 +845,23 @@ compare all methods that we have discussed in this notebook.
print('\nAdaptively enrich along the path')
report(opt_along_path_adaptively_result, opt_along_path_adaptively_minimization_data, reference_mu)
.. jupyter-execute::
assert np.isclose(np.linalg.norm(fom_result.x-reference_mu), 5.94e-06)
assert np.isclose(np.linalg.norm(rom_result.x-reference_mu), 5.98e-07)
assert np.isclose(np.linalg.norm(opt_fom_result.x-reference_mu), 0.00e+00)
assert np.isclose(np.linalg.norm(opt_rom_result.x-reference_mu), 6.58e-07)
assert np.isclose(np.linalg.norm(opt_along_path_result.x-reference_mu), 6.58e-07)
assert np.isclose(np.linalg.norm(opt_along_path_adaptively_result.x-reference_mu), 3.48e-07)
assert fom_result.nit == 10
assert opt_along_path_result.nit == 8
assert opt_along_path_minimization_data['num_evals'] == 10
assert opt_along_path_minimization_data['enrichments'] == 9
assert opt_along_path_adaptively_minimization_data['enrichments'] == 4
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