Commit 292c0c5f authored by Dr. Felix Tobias Schindler's avatar Dr. Felix Tobias Schindler
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[pymortests] also test apply_inverse of DuneXTMatrixOperator

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......@@ -495,8 +495,14 @@ if config.HAVE_DUNEGDT:
mat.set_entry(n, n, 1.)
return DuneXTMatrixOperator(mat)
def test_dunegdt_identiy():
def test_dunegdt_identiy_apply():
op = make_dunegdt_identity(4)
U = op.source.ones(1)
V = op.apply(U)
assert (U - V).sup_norm() < 1e-14
def test_dunegdt_identiy_apply_inverse():
op = make_dunegdt_identity(4)
V = op.source.ones(1)
U = op.apply_inverse(U)
assert (U - V).sup_norm() < 1e-14
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