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Release Notes
pyMOR 2020.2 (?, 2020)
pyMOR 2020.2 (December ?, 2020)
We are proud to announce the release of pyMOR 2020.2! Highlights of this release
are a non-intrusive model reduction method for instationary models based on artificial
neural networks and an extension of our available tutorials through the new reduced
basis projection tutorial. Additionally, as part of this release we happily present
the new pyMOR logo to you!
Over 400 single commits have entered this release. For a full list of changes
see `here <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/compare/2020.1.x...2020.2.x>`__.
pyMOR 2020.2 contains contributions by Tim Keil and Hendrik Kleikamp.
See `here <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/blob/master/AUTHORS.md>`__ for
more details.
Release highlights
Neural network reductor for instationary problems
- `[#1120] Neural networks for instationary problems <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1120>`_
Tutorial: Projecting a model
- `[#1084] Add RB projection tutorial <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1084>`_
Additional new features
Handling of model outputs and error estimates
- `[#1113] add compute() to Model <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1113>`_
Bode plot for input-output systems
- `[#1051] Add Bode plot <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1051>`_
Make VectorArrays iterable
- `[#1068] Make VectorArrays iterable <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1068>`_
Improved tutorial structure for system-theoretic methods
- `[#1141] Restructure sys-mor tutorial <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1141>`_
- `[#1160] remove notebooks dir <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1160>`_
Backward incompatible changes
Adjust norms in VectorArrayInterface
- `[#1070] Remove l1_norm from VectorArrayInterface <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1070>`_
- `[#1075] Deprecate l2_norm/l2_norm2 in favor of norm/norm2 <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1075>`_
Rename estimate/estimators methods of models
- `[#1041] Rename Model.estimate to Model.estimate_error and estimators to error_estimators <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1041>`_
Deprecate dot/pairwise_dot
- `[#1066] Deprecate dot/pairwise_dot in favor of inner/pairwise_inner <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1066>`_
Restructuring of grid classes
- `[#1044] Restructuring of grid classes <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1044>`_
Model outputs changed from VectorArray to NumPy array
- `[#1089] Let Model outputs be NumPy arrays <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1089>`_
Renaming of some Operators
- `[#1046] Append Operator to LinearAdvectionLaxFriedrichs, Concatenation and ComponentProjection <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1046>`_
`ComponentProjection`, `Concatenation` and `LinearAdvectionLaxFriedrichs` were
renamed to `ComponentProjectionOperator`, `ConcatenationOperator` and
`LinearAdvectionLaxFriedrichsOperator`, respectively.
......@@ -28,6 +95,11 @@ renamed to `ComponentProjectionOperator`, `ConcatenationOperator` and
Further notable improvements
- `[#960] Avoid nested parameter functionals and functions for sums and products <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/960>`_
- `[#1093] meshio4 <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1093>`_
- `[#1098] Add algorithm to expand concatenations of LincombOperators <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1098>`_
- `[#1102] Improve projection of ConcatenationOperator <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1102>`_
- `[#1144] Simplify __sub__ for iosys models, check D operator in h2_norm <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1144>`_
pyMOR 2020.1 (July 23, 2020)
......@@ -67,7 +139,7 @@ the neural networks. No knowledge of PyTorch or neural networks is required to a
New system analysis and linear algebra algorithms
The new :meth:`~pymor.algorithms.eigs.eigs` method
`[#880] <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/880>`_ computes
`[#880] <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/880>`_ computes
smallest/largest eigenvalues of an arbitary linear real |Operator|
using the implicitly restarted Arnoldi method [RL95]_. It can also
be used to solve generalized eigenvalue problems.
......@@ -78,7 +150,7 @@ solver and converts the operators to dense matrices.
The new :meth:`~pymor.algorithms.samdp.samdp` method
`[#834] <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/834>`_ implements the
subspace accelerated dominant pole (SAMDP) algorithm [RM06]_,
which can be used to compute the dominant poles operators of an
which can be used to compute the dominant poles operators of an
|LTIModel| with arbitrary (in particular sparse) system |Operators|
without relying on dense matrix operations.
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