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[pymortest] add an example with another parameter

parent 5267b666
......@@ -311,3 +311,15 @@ def test_output_d_mu():
complex_gradient_adjoint = complex_fom.output_d_mu(mu, return_array=True, use_adjoint=True)
complex_gradient = complex_fom.output_d_mu(mu, return_array=True, use_adjoint=False)
assert np.allclose(complex_gradient_adjoint, complex_gradient)
# another fom to test the 3d case
ops, coefs = fom.operator.operators, fom.operator.coefficients
ops += (fom.operator.operators[1],)
coefs += (ProjectionParameterFunctional('nu', 1, 0),)
fom_ = fom.with_(operator=LincombOperator(ops, coefs))
parameter_space =, np.pi)
training_set = parameter_space.sample_uniformly(training_samples)
for mu in training_set:
gradient_with_adjoint_approach = fom_.output_d_mu(mu, return_array=True, use_adjoint=True)
gradient_with_sensitivities = fom_.output_d_mu(mu, return_array=True, use_adjoint=False)
assert np.allclose(gradient_with_adjoint_approach, gradient_with_sensitivities)
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