Commit 5cba94a6 authored by René Fritze's avatar René Fritze Committed by René Fritze

[docs] PySide2 does not actually provide object inventories, remove url

parent e9d65743
......@@ -278,11 +278,10 @@ coverage_ignore_c_items = {}
# autodoc_default_flags = ['members', 'undoc-members', 'show-inheritance']
# PyQt5 is only necessary for some internals of the sphinx-qt-doc extension
# PyQt5 inventory is only used internally, actual link targets PySide2
intersphinx_mapping = {'python': ('', None),
'numpy': ('', None),
'PyQt5': ("", None),
'PySide2': ("", None),
'scipy': ('', None)}
import substitutions
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