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Merge pull request #1202 from pymor/ci_fix_oldest

While documenting the CI setup in the other PR I discovered
that the "oldest" job actually no longer uses the packages
from the "oldest" pypi mirror. This PR makes sure of that
by removing all installed packages and installing again
from the "oldest" mirror.
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......@@ -3,6 +3,14 @@
THIS_DIR="$(cd "$(dirname ${BASH_SOURCE[0]})" ; pwd -P )"
source ${THIS_DIR}/common_test_setup.bash
# _downgrade_ packages to what's avail in the oldest mirror
sudo pip uninstall -y -r requirements-optional.txt
sudo pip uninstall -y -r requirements-ci.txt
sudo pip uninstall -y -r requirements.txt
sudo pip install -U --use-feature=2020-resolver -r requirements.txt
sudo pip install -U --use-feature=2020-resolver -r requirements-ci.txt
sudo pip install -U --use-feature=2020-resolver -r requirements-optional.txt
# we've changed numpy versions, recompile cyx
find src/pymor/ -name _*.c | xargs rm -f
find src/pymor/ -name _*.so | xargs rm -f
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