Commit 7c210bd5 authored by Patrick Buchfink's avatar Patrick Buchfink Committed by Stephan Rave
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Reworked interface to use QudraticHamiltonianModel with ImplicitMidpointTimeStepper

Replaced classmethod with additional attribute in __init__
parent 22d1dc6f
......@@ -47,6 +47,13 @@ class QuadraticHamiltonianModel(InstationaryModel):
The :class:`time-stepper <pymor.algorithms.timestepping.TimeStepper>`
to be used by :meth:`~pymor.models.interface.Model.solve`.
Alternatively, the parameter nt can be specified to use the
:class:`implicit midpoint rule <pymor.algorithms.timestepping.ImplicitMidpointTimeStepper>`.
If time_stepper is `None` and nt is specified, the
:class:`implicit midpoint rule <pymor.algorithms.timestepping.ImplicitMidpointTimeStepper>`
as time_stepper.
If time_stepper is not 'None', the parameter nt is ignored.
The number of returned vectors of the solution trajectory. If `None`, each
intermediate vector that is calculated is returned.
......@@ -64,11 +71,18 @@ class QuadraticHamiltonianModel(InstationaryModel):
Name of the model.
def __init__(self, T, initial_data, H_op, h=None, time_stepper=None, num_values=None,
def __init__(self, T, initial_data, H_op, h=None, time_stepper=None, nt=None, num_values=None,
output_functional=None, visualizer=None, name=None):
assert isinstance(H_op, Operator) and H_op.linear and H_op.range == H_op.source \
and H_op.range.dim % 2 == 0
# interface to use ImplicitMidpointTimeStepper via parameter nt
if time_stepper is None:
if nt is not None:
time_stepper = ImplicitMidpointTimeStepper(nt)
raise NotImplementedError('Either specify time_stepper or nt')
if isinstance(H_op.range, NumpyVectorSpace):
# make H_op compatible with blocked phase_space
assert H_op.range.dim % 2 == 0, 'H_op.range has to be even dimensional'
......@@ -116,22 +130,6 @@ class QuadraticHamiltonianModel(InstationaryModel):
def with_implicit_midpoint(cls, T, initial_data, H_op, nt, h=None, time_stepper=None,
num_values=None, output_functional=None, visualizer=None, name=None):
"""Init QuadraticHamiltonianModel with ImplicitMidpointTimeStepper.
Number of time steps in ImplicitMidpointTimeStepper.
See __init__.
time_stepper = ImplicitMidpointTimeStepper(nt)
cls(T, initial_data, H_op, nt, h=h, time_stepper=time_stepper, num_values=num_values,
output_functional=output_functional, visualizer=visualizer, name=name)
def eval_hamiltonian(self, u, mu=None):
"""Evaluate a quadratic Hamiltonian function
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