Commit 92ca9e0f authored by Geordie McBain's avatar Geordie McBain Committed by René Fritze

drop unused pygmsh from install_suggests #1092

parent a7071991
......@@ -35,7 +35,6 @@ install_suggests = {'ipython>=5.0': 'an enhanced interactive python shell',
'pyopengl': 'fast solution visualization for builtin discretizations (PySide also required)',
'pyamg': 'algebraic multigrid solvers',
'pyevtk>=1.1': 'writing vtk output',
'pygmsh==6.0.2': 'python frontend for gmsh',
'sympy': 'symbolic mathematics',
'pythreejs': 'threejs bindings for python notebook visualization',
_PYTEST: 'testing framework required to execute unit tests',
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