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Merge pull request #1099 from pymor/fix_advection_operator

Fix AdvectionOperatorP1
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......@@ -718,7 +718,7 @@ class AdvectionOperatorP1(NumpyMatrixBasedOperator):
self.logger.info('Calculate all local scalar products beween gradients ...')
D = self.advection_function(self.grid.centers(0), mu=mu)
SF_INTS = - np.einsum('pc,eqi,c,e,ec->eqp', SFQ, SF_GRADS, w, g.integration_elements(0), D).ravel()
SF_INTS = - np.einsum('pc,eqi,c,e,ei->eqp', SFQ, SF_GRADS, w, g.integration_elements(0), D).ravel()
del D
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