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[ci] osx try to fix coverage upload

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......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ jobs:
conda update -y --all
conda install -y --only-deps pymor
# these ones are not in the 2020.1 conda build yet
conda install -y pyevtk mpi4py slycot pytorch pyqt
conda install -y pyevtk mpi4py slycot pytorch pyqt codecov
# these are buildtime, not a runtime, deps for our conda package
conda install -y cython pytest-cov pytest
# install anything which might be a new dependency with pip
......@@ -52,12 +52,12 @@ jobs:
python setup.py build_ext -i
py.test -sv --hypothesis-profile ${PYMOR_HYPOTHESIS_PROFILE}
py.test -sv --cov-context=test --cov=src/pymor --hypothesis-profile ${PYMOR_HYPOTHESIS_PROFILE}
coverage xml
displayName: py.test
- script: |
bash <(curl -s https://codecov.io/bash)
codecov --file coverage.xml
displayName: 'Upload to codecov.io'
- publish: src/pymortests/testdata/check_results/
artifact: changed_results_$(CONFIG)
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