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[models.iosys] convert integer-valued matrices in from_mat_file

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......@@ -377,13 +377,21 @@ class LTIModel(Model):
assert 'A' in mat_dict and 'B' in mat_dict
A = mat_dict['A']
B = mat_dict['B']
C = mat_dict.get('C', B.T)
D = mat_dict.get('D')
E = mat_dict.get('E')
return cls.from_matrices(A, B, C, D, E, sampling_time=sampling_time,
matrices = [
mat_dict.get('C', mat_dict['B'].T),
# convert integer dtypes to floating dtypes
for i in range(len(matrices)):
mat = matrices[i]
if mat is not None and np.issubdtype(mat.dtype, np.integer):
matrices[i] = mat.astype(np.float_)
return cls.from_matrices(*matrices, sampling_time=sampling_time,
state_id=state_id, solver_options=solver_options,
error_estimator=error_estimator, visualizer=visualizer, name=name)
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