Commit b0652681 authored by René Fritze's avatar René Fritze Committed by René Fritze

[basic] adjust imports after deprecated func removals

parent eaf17983
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......@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@ from pymor.algorithms.basic import almost_equal, relative_error, project_array
from pymor.algorithms.ei import interpolate_operators, ei_greedy, deim
from pymor.algorithms.error import reduction_error_analysis
from pymor.algorithms.gram_schmidt import gram_schmidt, gram_schmidt_biorth
from pymor.algorithms.greedy import greedy, rb_greedy
from pymor.algorithms.adaptivegreedy import adaptive_greedy, rb_adaptive_greedy
from pymor.algorithms.greedy import rb_greedy
from pymor.algorithms.adaptivegreedy import rb_adaptive_greedy
from pymor.algorithms.newton import newton
from pymor.algorithms.pod import pod
from pymor.algorithms.preassemble import preassemble
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