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[rb_greedy] always default too POD for snapshots with more than one vector

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......@@ -248,8 +248,11 @@ class RBSurrogate(WeakGreedySurrogate):
U = self.fom.solve(mu)
with self.logger.block('Extending basis with solution snapshot ...'):
extension_params = self.extension_params
if len(U) > 1 and extension_params is None:
extension_params = {'method': 'pod'}
if len(U) > 1:
if extension_params is None:
extension_params = {'method': 'pod'}
extension_params.setdefault('method', 'pod')
self.reductor.extend_basis(U, copy_U=False, **(extension_params or {}))
if not self.use_error_estimator:
self.remote_reductor = self.pool.push(self.reductor)
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