Commit b8f72976 authored by René Fritze's avatar René Fritze
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[ci|binder] remove fixed numpy hack

parent b385da71
......@@ -5,12 +5,7 @@ MAINTAINER
COPY . /tmp/pymor
# manual numpy install is hack to workaround an otherwise happening
# File "src/pymor/discretizers/builtin/relations.pyx", line 1, in init pymor.discretizers.builtin.relations
# ValueError: numpy.ndarray size changed, may indicate binary incompatibility. Expected 88 from C header, got 80 from PyObject
# for which no explanation could be found
RUN pip install numpy==1.20 && \
pip install /tmp/pymor[docs,ci,full] && rm -rf /tmp/pymor
RUN pip install /tmp/pymor[docs,ci,full] && rm -rf /tmp/pymor
RUN python -c "from pymor.basic import *"
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