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Bugfix in get_ast_spectrum (#1413)

The parameter passed to the `LTIModel.get_ast_spectrum` method is now parsed. Also, a bug w.r.t. indexing is fixed.
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......@@ -1200,6 +1200,10 @@ class LTIModel(InputStateOutputModel):
|VectorArray| of right eigenvectors.
if not isinstance(mu, Mu):
mu = self.parameters.parse(mu)
assert self.parameters.assert_compatible(mu)
A, B, C, D, E = (op.assemble(mu=mu) for op in [self.A, self.B, self.C, self.D, self.E])
if ast_pole_data is not None:
......@@ -1249,8 +1253,8 @@ class LTIModel(InputStateOutputModel):
ast_ews = ew[ast_idx]
idx = ast_ews.argsort()
ast_lev = self.A.source.from_numpy(lev[:, idx][:, ast_idx][:, 0, :].T)
ast_rev = self.A.range.from_numpy(rev[:, idx][:, ast_idx][:, 0, :].T)
ast_lev = self.A.source.from_numpy(lev[:, ast_idx][:, 0, :][:, idx].T)
ast_rev = self.A.range.from_numpy(rev[:, ast_idx][:, 0, :][:, idx].T)
return ast_lev, ast_ews[idx], ast_rev
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