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[tutorials] update projection tutorial to account for new compute method

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......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ Solving the Model
Now that we have our FOM and a reduced space :math:`V_N` spanned by `basis`, we can project
the |Model|. However, before doing so, we need to understand how actually
solving the FOM works. Let's take a look at what
:meth:`~pymor.models.interface.Model.solve` actually does:
:meth:`~pymor.models.interface.Model.solve` does:
.. jupyter-execute::
......@@ -86,19 +86,26 @@ solving the FOM works. Let's take a look at what
This does not look too interesting. Actually, :meth:`~pymor.models.interface.Model.solve`
is just a thin wrapper around the `_solve` method, which performs the actual
computations. All that :meth:`~pymor.models.interface.Model.solve` does is
checking the input |parameter values| `mu` and :mod:`caching <pymor.core.cache>`
the results. So let's take a look at `_solve`:
is just a convenience method around :meth:`~pymor.models.interface.Model.compute` which
handles the actual computation of the solution and various other associated values like
outputs or error estimates. Next, we take a look at the implemenation of
.. jupyter-execute::
There is some code related to logging and the computation of an output functional.
The interesting line is::
What we see is a default implementation from :class:`~pymor.models.interface.Model` that
takes care of :mod:`caching <pymor.core.cache>` and :mod:`logging <pymor.core.logger>`,
but defers the actual computations to further private methods. Implementors can directly implement
:meth:`~pymor.models.interface.Model._compute` to compute multiple return values
at once in an optimized way. Our given model, however, just implements
:meth:`~pymor.models.interface.Model._compute_solution` where we can find the
actual code:
U = self.operator.apply_inverse(self.rhs.as_range_array(mu), mu=mu)
.. jupyter-execute::
What does this mean? If we look at the type of `fom`,
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