Commit c2510210 authored by René Fritze's avatar René Fritze Committed by René Fritze

[vis] fix 2D plot animation + limits

parent 0489a681
......@@ -49,9 +49,6 @@ class MatplotlibAxesBase:
self.anim = animation.FuncAnimation(figure, self.animate,
frames=U, interval=delay_between_frames,
blit=True, event_source=sync_timer)
pad = (self.vmax - self.vmin) * 0.1
for ax in
ax.set_ylim(self.vmin - pad, self.vmax + pad)
# generating the HTML instance outside this class causes the plot display to fail
self.html = HTML(self.anim.to_jshtml())
......@@ -88,6 +85,7 @@ class MatplotlibPatchAxes(MatplotlibAxesBase):
self.entity_map = entity_map
self.reference_element = grid.reference_element
self.colorbar = colorbar
self.animate = self.set
super().__init__(U=U, figure=figure, grid=grid, vmin=vmin, vmax=vmax, codim=codim, columns=columns,
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