Commit d1bf1be7 authored by Patrick Buchfink's avatar Patrick Buchfink Committed by Stephan Rave
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QuadraticHamiltonianModel guaranteed with blocked phase space

parent 4aef2182
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ from pymor.algorithms.timestepping import ImplicitMidpointTimeStepper
from pymor.algorithms.to_matrix import to_matrix
from pymor.models.basic import InstationaryModel
from pymor.operators.block import BlockOperator
from pymor.operators.constructions import ConcatenationOperator, VectorOperator
from pymor.operators.constructions import ConcatenationOperator, NumpyConversionOperator, VectorOperator
from pymor.operators.interface import Operator
from pymor.operators.numpy import NumpyMatrixOperator, NumpyVectorSpace
from pymor.operators.symplectic import CanonicalSymplecticFormOperator
......@@ -72,28 +72,44 @@ class QuadraticHamiltonianModel(InstationaryModel):
assert isinstance(H_op, Operator) and H_op.linear and H_op.range == H_op.source \
and H_op.range.dim % 2 == 0
if isinstance(H_op.range, NumpyVectorSpace):
# make H_op compatible with blocked phase_space
assert H_op.range.dim % 2 == 0, 'H_op.range has to be even dimensional'
half_dim = H_op.range.dim // 2
phase_space = BlockVectorSpace([NumpyVectorSpace(half_dim)] * 2)
H_op = ConcatenationOperator([
NumpyConversionOperator(phase_space, direction='from_numpy'),
NumpyConversionOperator(phase_space, direction='to_numpy'),
if h is None:
h = H_op.range.zeros()
if isinstance(h, VectorArray):
assert h in H_op.range
h = VectorOperator(h, name='h')
# generate correct canonical J
if isinstance(H_op, BlockOperator):
self.J = CanonicalSymplecticFormOperator(H_op.source)
elif isinstance(H_op.range, NumpyVectorSpace):
assert H_op.range.dim % 2 == 0, 'H_op.range has to be even dimensional'
half_dim = H_op.range.dim // 2
phase_space = BlockVectorSpace([NumpyVectorSpace(half_dim)] * 2)
J = CanonicalSymplecticFormOperator(phase_space)
self.J = NumpyMatrixOperator(to_matrix(J).toarray())
raise NotImplementedError('Canonical Poisson matrix not implemented for this case.')
if isinstance(h.range, NumpyVectorSpace):
# make h compatible with blocked phase_space
assert h.range.dim % 2 == 0, 'h.range has to be even dimensional'
half_dim = h.range.dim // 2
phase_space = H_op.range
h = ConcatenationOperator([
NumpyConversionOperator(phase_space, direction='from_numpy'),
assert h.range is H_op.range
if isinstance(, NumpyVectorSpace):
# make initial_data compatible with blocked phase_space
initial_data = H_op.source.from_numpy(initial_data.to_numpy())
# J based on blocked phase_space
self.J = CanonicalSymplecticFormOperator(H_op.source)
# the contract expand structure is mainly relevant for reduced quadratic Hamiltonian systems
# minus is required since operator in an InstationaryModel is on the LHS
operator = -contract(expand(ConcatenationOperator([self.J, H_op])))
operator = -ConcatenationOperator([self.J, H_op])
rhs = ConcatenationOperator([self.J, h])
super().__init__(T, initial_data, operator, rhs,
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