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[docs] try to fix autoapi build issue

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......@@ -473,8 +473,11 @@ class RestrictedFenicsOperator(Operator):
return NumpyMatrixOperator(JJ.matrix.array()[self.restricted_range_dofs, :])
_DEFAULT_SOVLER = 'mumps' if 'mumps' in df.linear_solver_methods() else 'default'
@defaults('solver', 'preconditioner', 'keep_solver')
def _solver_options(solver='mumps' if 'mumps' in df.linear_solver_methods() else 'default',
def _solver_options(solver=_DEFAULT_SOVLER,
preconditioner=None, keep_solver=True):
return {'solver': solver, 'preconditioner': preconditioner, 'keep_solver': keep_solver}
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