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[docs] final adjustments for 2022.1 release notes

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......@@ -3,10 +3,19 @@ pyMOR 2022.1 (July 19, 2022)
We are proud to announce the release of pyMOR 2022.1!
pyMOR now comes with support for discrete-time systems
and structure-preserving MOR for symplectic systems.
The neural network based reductors gained many new features,
while the VectorArray implementation got simplified.
We have added an experimental FEniCS discretizer
and extended functionality for randomized linear algebra.
Over 700 single commits have entered this release. For a full list of changes
see `here <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/compare/2021.2.x...2022.1.x>`__.
pyMOR 2022.1 contains contributions by Patric Buchfink, Monica Dessole,
Hendrik Kleikamp, Peter Oehme, Art Pelling and Sven Ullmann.
See `here <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/blob/main/AUTHORS.md>`__ for more details.
Release highlights
......@@ -64,7 +73,7 @@ the new :mod:`~pymor.algorithms.rand_la` module includes a method for
of arbitrary linear pyMOR |Operators|, as well as an algorithm for solving
:func:`generalized hermitian eigenproblems <pymor.algorithms.rand_la.random_ghep>`.
The old randomized range approximation algorithms from the
:mod:`~pymor.algorithms.randrangefinder` module have been moved to the new module as well
`pymor.algorithms.randrangefinder` module have been moved to the new module as well
`[#1552] <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1552>`_.
FEniCS discretizer
......@@ -99,7 +108,6 @@ and is no longer tested against 3.7.
Further notable improvements
- `[#995] Add caching for LQGBTReductor and BRBTReductor Gramians <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/995>`_
- `[#1513] FEniCS: Save LinearSolver object in FenicsMatrixOperator to accelerate repeated solves <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1513>`_
- `[#1520] Change RQI stopping criterion <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1520>`_
- `[#1531] Remove 'if config.HAVE_...' checks in modules that require optional dependencies <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1531>`_
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