Commit ea0d9d6b authored by Tim Keil's avatar Tim Keil
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[operators.blocks] implement d_mu for BlockOperators

parent f262e95e
......@@ -119,6 +119,12 @@ class BlockOperatorBase(Operator):
blocks = [process_col(col, space) for col, space in zip(self.blocks.T, subspaces)]
return self.source.make_array(blocks) if self.blocked_source else blocks[0]
def d_mu(self, parameter, index=0):
blocks = np.empty(self.blocks.shape, dtype=object)
for (i, j) in np.ndindex(self.blocks.shape):
blocks[i, j] = self.blocks[i, j].d_mu(parameter, index)
return self.with_(blocks=blocks)
class BlockOperator(BlockOperatorBase):
"""A matrix of arbitrary |Operators|.
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