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[docs] update notes for the git{lab,hub} bridge service

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This a sanic based Python [application]( that receives webhook
events from GitHub for pull requests and pushes PR branches merged into main to Gitlab to run a
parallel CI pipeline to check whether the main branch will still pass tests after the PR is merged.
The bridge also does this for forks of pyMOR, but these have to be whitelisted in order to protect CI secrets.
The service also gets GitLab Pipeline events via hooks and translates those into status check
For GitHub the service authenticates with a PAT of the pyMOR-Bot account, for GitLab via Project Token.
It is also registered as a GitHub app (so it can post Check statuses).
The bridge also does this for forks of pyMOR, but the forks' user id must manually be
add to an allow list in the config to protect CI secrets. If a PR build does not start
for a user a comment is added in that PR.
This service currently runs on the `ammservices` machine under the git user.
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