Commit ecda68cc authored by Dr. Felix Tobias Schindler's avatar Dr. Felix Tobias Schindler Committed by github-actions[bot]

fix __str__ of RectGrid

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......@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ class RectGrid(GridWithOrthogonalCenters):
return (f'Rect-Grid on domain '
f'[{self.x0_range[0]},{self.x0_range[1]}] x [{self.x1_range[0]},{self.x1_range[1]}]\n'
f'x0-intervals: {self.x0_num_intervals}, x1-intervals: {self.x1_num_intervals}\n'
f'faces: {self.size(0)}, edges: {self.size(1)}, vertices: {self.size(2)}')
f'elements: {self.size(0)}, edges: {self.size(1)}, vertices: {self.size(2)}')
def size(self, codim=0):
assert 0 <= codim <= 2, 'Invalid codimension'
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