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......@@ -4,7 +4,9 @@ pyMOR 2020.2 (December ?, 2020)
We are proud to announce the release of pyMOR 2020.2! Highlights of this release
are a non-intrusive model reduction method for instationary models based on artificial
neural networks and an extension of our available tutorials through the new reduced
basis projection tutorial. Additionally, as part of this release we happily present
basis projection tutorial. Furthermore, we have added tools for linear PDE-constrained
parameter optimization including an elaborate tutorial to use them.
Additionally, as part of this release we happily present
the new pyMOR logo to you!
Over 400 single commits have entered this release. For a full list of changes
......@@ -26,11 +28,25 @@ solved. As in the stationary case, the implementation allows for several
customizations regarding the network architecture and training parameters.
Linear PDE-constrained parameter optimization
In `[#1110] <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1110>`_, some tools for
PDE-constrained parameter optimization were added. These include partial derivatives
of the solutions and the output with respect to the parameters.
Tutorial: Model order reduction for PDE-constrained optimization problems
The new features that were added in `[#1110] <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1110>`_
are gathered in a new tutorial `[#1205] <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1205>`_ which
also focuses on general questions and insights to MOR for
linear PDE-constrained optimization problems.
Tutorial: Projecting a model
- `[#1084] Add RB projection tutorial <https://github.com/pymor/pymor/pull/1084>`_
Additional new features
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