Commit f20b4a3e authored by Hendrik Kleikamp's avatar Hendrik Kleikamp
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[gui] added missing parameters for Matplotlib1DWidget

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......@@ -433,7 +433,7 @@ def visualize_matplotlib_1d(grid, U, codim=1, title=None, legend=None, separate_
legend = (legend,)
assert legend is None or isinstance(legend, tuple) and len(legend) == len(U)
plot_widget = Matplotlib1DWidget(None, grid, count=len(U), vmin=[np.min(u) for u in U],
plot_widget = Matplotlib1DWidget(U, None, grid, len(U), vmin=[np.min(u) for u in U],
vmax=[np.max(u) for u in U], legend=legend, codim=codim,
super().__init__(U, plot_widget, title=title, length=len(U[0]))
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