Commit f5a48fca authored by Dr. Felix Tobias Schindler's avatar Dr. Felix Tobias Schindler
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[bindings.dunegdt] fix DuneXTVectorSpace

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......@@ -118,22 +118,22 @@ if config.HAVE_DUNEGDT:
real_vector_type = DuneXTVector
vector_type = ComplexifiedDuneXTVector
def __init__(self, dim, vector_type=IstlVector, id='STATE'):
def __init__(self, dim, dune_vector_type=IstlVector, id='STATE'):
def __eq__(self, other):
return type(other) is DuneXTVectorSpace \
and self.vector_type == other.vector_type and self.dim == other.dim and ==
and self.dune_vector_type == other.dune_vector_type and self.dim == other.dim and ==
# since we implement __eq__, we also need to implement __hash__
def __hash__(self):
return id(self.vector_type) + hash(self.dim)
return id(self.dune_vector_type) + hash(self.dim)
def real_zero_vector(self):
return DuneXTVector(self.vector_type(self.dim, 0.))
return DuneXTVector(self.dune_vector_type(self.dim, 0.))
def real_full_vector(self, value):
return DuneXTVector(self.vector_type(self.dim, value))
return DuneXTVector(self.dune_vector_type(self.dim, value))
def real_random_vector(self, distribution, random_state, **kwargs):
values = _create_random_values(self.dim, distribution, random_state, **kwargs)
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