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Add note on linking in the ITP

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......@@ -16,6 +16,14 @@ A manual installation with `./`, the installation script supplied by `
In the institute, configured installations of `oomph-lib` are mounted in the directory `/Applic.ITP/oomph-lib`. Please make sure your `` links to the correct path (with respect to your Debian version).
In order to remove linking errors when using the Intel compiler you should consider adding
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/Applic.ITP/Intel/Version_2020/compilers_and_libraries_2020.0.166/linux/compiler/lib/intel64_lin:/Applic.ZIV/Intel/Version_2018/compilers_and_libraries_2018.2.199/linux/compiler/lib/intel64_lin
to your `.bashrc`. This makes sure that all linked libraries will be found at runtime.
If you plan to run your executable on a different machine, consider adding `-static` to the `LD_FLAGS` in your ``. This wraps all the used libraries into the executable, so they're not required on the target system. This may be relevant for running jobs on Condor or other clusters.
## Thirdparty Linear Solver
The main computational time of the FEM is needed for the Linear Solver. The Linear Solvers offered directly by `oomph-lib` are BLAS, LAPACK, SuperLU and METIS. Other solvers (or solver libraries) supported by oomph-lib are Hypre, Trilinos and MUMPS. Due to licensing they are not included in the distribution. The installation procedure is explained on the website <>. Most of the times it is sufficient to put the `.tar.gz` archive into the folder `external_distributions/<solver-name>` of the distribution before the installation is initiated.
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