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# ExportTicketsToPDF - A Plugin for OTRS
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## What this plugin does

OTRS by itself is able to print single tickets to single pdf files. This plugin uses this function to export all tickets of a queue into separated files for each ticket. Additionally the attachments will be stored in separate files having the same name prefix like the exported ticket itself and the original file name of the attachment.

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## Installation

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To install this plugin you just need to build the OPM file from the sources in this repository. [Package Build](https://otrs.github.io/doc/manual/developer/5.0/en/html/package-building.html#package-build "Documentation") After that you can simply install the OPM file using the package manager in your admin menu or the command line.

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## How it works

To export the tickets of a queue you need to use the command line. The otrs.Console will offer you the new option `Admin::Queue::TicketExport` which is the plugin. You can use the following arguments:
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 * `queue`: Name of the queue whose tickets should be printed
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 * `filename`: Name of the new pdf document

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If you wish to export the attachments of the queues tickets, you can use the option `a`.

Keep in mind that only the requested queue will be exported. SubQueues will be ignored, but you can use something like `Queue::SubQueue`.
Exporting all queues could take a while. We needed 23 hours to export about 40.000 tickets (~11G) without attachments.