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Multiple Ticket Export
__ A plugin for OTRS __
# Multiple Ticket Export - A Plugin for OTRS
This Plugin provides the possibility to print all tickets of a queue to a single PDF document. After installing the plugin via the package manager you can use the console to export the tickets. Use the help of your console for more information.
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## What this plugin does
OTRS by itself is able to print single tickets to single pdf files. This plugin allows the admin of the system to print all tickets of a queue into one pdf document using the console.
## Installation
You can simply install this plugin via the package manager in OTRS. You may need to build the package from it sources. If you have the package (_OPM-File_) available you can upload it into the package manager and click on install to proceed. After following the instructions on the screen you can use it.
## How it works
In order to build the pdf document the administrator has to use the console. After installing a new option (`Admin::Queue::TicketExport`) will appear. It takes the following arguments:
* `queue`: Name of the queue whose tickets should be printed
* `filename`: Name of the new pdf document
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